Targeted training enhanced by seasoned experts.

At Tooling U-SME, we work with you to customize a training and development program specific to your company’s needs. We first evaluate and assess your company’s goals for training. Once we have clearly identified your goals, we work with you and the instructor to customize the content and focus. This can include:

  • Enhancing your current programs
  • Developing custom courses with our content experts specific to your needs
Bring the real work to your staff with Tooling U-SME instructor-led training. Work with instructors who are knowledgeable, experienced, and have a passion for teaching others about manufacturing.

Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have seen success through our solutions including:

  • Dramatic increases in productivity, quality, and safety
  • Higher skilled workers
  • Education in concert with industry
  • Higher certification pass rates
  • Better way of life

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