Introducing a New Way to Achieve Manufacturing Excellence: Tooling U-SME's Competency Framework
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From machinists to toolmakers, demand for skilled labor has never been higher.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 3pm ET to learn how a brand new training and development tool: Tooling U-SME's new Competency Framework can help you:
  • Combat the increasing talent shortage 
  • Achieve stronger performance from your workforce
  • Support your business goals 
  • Provide clear development pathways and career growth opportunities for your employees

Don't let the perfect storm of a limited pipeline, retiring baby boomers, reshoring and the changing pace of technology take you by surprise.  Plan for the workforce of the future now before it’s too late.

During this session, participants will:
  • Learn why, without aggressive action, severe worker shortages will occur near the end of the decade.
  • Learn how a Performance-Based Training & Development Program, using Competency Models, can help address this.
  • Witness the unveiling of the industry's newest tool for supporting your business goals: Tooling U-SME's Competency Framework.
  • Hear how the program was developed in conjunction with a committee of experts from manufacturing and academia.
  • Walk through examples of how the Competency Framework can benefit your organization.
  • Learn how the Competency Framework is easily adapted and customized to individual work practices on the shop floor and can tie directly to your company's business practices and goals. 

Session Outline:
  • Brief review of how a skilled worker shortage is effecting the industry
  • How to build a stronger learning culture
  • The importance of tying learning to business needs
  • How Tooling U-SME's new Competency Framework is a one-stop shop for improved employee and company performance

Who Should Attend: 
  • Business Owners/CEOs
  • Organizational Development Executives
  • Training & Development Executives
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Shop Floor Supervisors
  • Anyone interested in improving his/her company's performance

Training Session Information
Training Session Date:
February 04, 2014