Session 3: The Role of Management in Value Stream Integration 

 This advanced session will focus on the role of management in Value Stream Integration. The traditional role of command and control will not work as you transform your organization into a Lean Thinking organization. See how team leaders, supervisors and managers have a pivotal role in creating a desired Future State. Lean is about people more than the Tools; see how to develop your Lean Leaders so that they build a solid foundation for improvement and results. 

This session includes:
  • -The Role of the Value Stream Manager
  • -Focus on Value to the Customer and Results
  • -Hoshin Kanri – Connecting Strategic Initiatives with Value Stream Goals
  • -Measure What Matters
  • -Leading with Humility and Respect for Humanity
  • -Modeling and Ideal Behaviors
  • -Communication
  • -Training, Learning and Coaching 

Learning objectives:
  • -Understand the role of management in Value Stream Integration
  • -Tie together Value Stream Plans and Strategic initiatives
  • -Use measurements to monitor progress
  • -See how enforcing ideal behaviors will bring about positive change and create a culture that employees can be proud of
  • -Realize how important effective communication is in any transformation

  • -Supervisors and managers, team leads
  • -Value Stream Managers or prospective Value Stream Managers
  • -Senior Leadership wanting to take Lean to the next level beyond just the tools and kaizen events
  • -Lean Champions