Session 2: Value Stream Management: How to Setup Value Streams 

This intermediate session will start a deep-dive on specific concepts of Value Stream Integration from Value Stream Mapping to Daily Kaizen. This is a ‘nuts and bolts’ session that will walk you through the components of Value Streams to see how everyone in your organization has some role in the development of a Value Stream. Value Stream Integration is not just for management; we want to get others involved in delivering value to your customer. 

This session includes:
  • -Value Stream Mapping including Process Families, Current State, Future State and the Plan
  • -Focus on Process and Systems
  • -Value Stream definition
  • -Process and System Focus
  • -How Value Stream Management builds on Lean Tools
  • -Fundamentals of a Pull System and Just-in-Time (JIT)
  • -Planning and Deployment for Value Stream Integration 

  • -Supervisors and managers, team leads
  • -Value Stream Managers or prospective Value Stream Managers
  • -Senior Leadership wanting to take Lean to the next level beyond just the tools and kaizen events
  • -Lean Champions