Session 1: Value Stream Integration Fundamentals: Tools and Techniques 

This session will focus on the fundamentals of Value Stream Management. Starting with the tools of Lean and see how a Value Stream will benefit your organization and supply chain including your customers. By focusing on the Value Stream you will discover what’s most important to the customer versus an internal department or manager. Focus your organization by Value Streams and it will become easier to manage and improve your systems and keep your employees engaged. This session will walk you through the basics of Lean techniques and practices. 

This session includes:  
  • -Introduction to Lean
  • -8 Wastes of Lean
  • -Building Blocks of Lean
  • -Daily Kaizen and Kaizen Events 

  • -Value Adders
  • -Supervisors and managers, team leads
  • -Value Stream Managers or prospective Value Stream Managers