Address your processes. Your challenges. Your solutions. 
Need specific areas of knowledge for groups of 20+ or more? You can customize an event just for your company. As we do with any of our instructor-led training, we first evaluate your company’s goals for training. Once we have clearly identified your goals, we work with you and the instructor to determine content and focus.

What technology is available?
Through our web conferencing solution, we can deliver engaging content delivered by a live instructor, where participants view the content as the instructor’s voice leads the session.

If video of the live instructor is essential for your specific needs, choose our live streaming video solution. With this option, you can deliver training to your workforce at any number of sites throughout the world.

What types of training content have been used by similar facilities? 
Be sure to view the list of upcoming live public sessions and the on-demand recorded sessions library to see the types of programs we have delivered in this medium. Plus, we can do much more. Pricing is dependent on the duration of the training course, materials provided, and the amount of customization. CLICK HERE or call Tooling U-SME at 866.706.8665 for a proposal. 

Prefer to have the instructor onsite at your facility? We can arrange that too!
Tailor a face-to-face training program with instructors who bring expert content and knowledge to your facility, conference room, or even a local hotel. Our representatives will work with you to find most cost efficient training solution.